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    Do you work with big amount of samples?

    Save your time and energy with a Professional Benchtop Meter.
    Discover the real advantage of a professional multi-parameter device.


    What is important for a professional who works in the field also? 

    A device that is handy, massive, light weight, always be on hand and shows the proper value by the measurements.

    Discover how you can facilitate the measurement!

    We gave meaning to the definition “easy measuring”. 
    Complete the process with even one hand.

    Sometimes we need a continuous indication.
    In this case, the manually completed measurements become exhausting!

    Install a Continuous Monitor and let it do the dirty job instead of you.

    We brought together everything with which you can make the measurements even more useful.

    Electrodes, Probes, Carrying Cases and many more tools.

    Choose from our numerous amount of accessories that will assist you by the measurements.

    In order to get the most accurate results, to work with the purest instruments and to store your electrodes in the best environment.

    Available in sachets and durable plastic bottles, ensuring the economical and convenient usage.

Adwa video tutorials

Find the answers for your questions!

In fact, a video tutorial provides an instant and effective answer to the questions.

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions:

How to calibrate my Adwa instrument?

How to measure with my Adwa instrument?

How to store or check my Adwa electrode?

Learn more from our continuously expanding video library!

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