AD11 Waterproof pH-TEMP Pocket Tester with replaceable electrode


AD11 is the most advanced microprocessor based Waterproof pH/Temp pocket tester in the market. 

Fast, stable and precise, these testers are for users that require great accuracy. Simple user-replaceable pH/Temp probe: just unscrew the plastic ring on the top of the electrode and replace it with a new one!

2 rows display LCD (reads both pH and temperature measurements) and built-in HOLD function that freezes the display for easy and accurate recording. Other features such as stability indicator, automatic calibration and automatic temperature  compensation make these waterproof pocket testers a must-have in a variety of industries. The modular design allows to replace the electrode in a fast and simple way.

Calibration Solutions & Accessories

AD11P Replaceable electrode for AD11 and AD12
AD70004P pH 4.01 buffer, 20 ml sachet, 25 pcs
AD7004 pH 4.01 buffer, 230 ml bottle
AD70007P pH 7.01 buffer, 20 ml sachet, 25 pcs
AD7007 pH 7.01 buffer, 230 ml bottle
AD70010P pH 10.01 buffer, 20 ml sachet, 25 pcs
AD7010 pH 10.01 buffer, 230 ml bottle
AD70000P Electrode rinse solution, 20 ml sachet, 25 pcs
AD7000 Electrode rinse solution solution, 230 ml bottle
AD70300 Electrode storage solution, 230 ml bottle

Supplied complete with

Supplied in a carton box complete with protective cap, calibration solution in sachets (pH7 and pH4, 20 ml each), 4 x 1.5V batteries and user manual.

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