AD332 Professional Waterproof Conductivity-TDS-TEMP Portable Meter with RS232 interface & GLP

AD332 is a waterproof portable meter that read TDS and Conductivity in 5 ranges and temperature.

The autoranging feature of the EC and TDS ranges automatically sets the instrument to the scale with the highest resolution. Measurements are compensated for temperature effect automatically (ATC) or manually (MTC). It is also possible to disable the temperature compensation feature to measure the actual conductivity.

The temperature coefficient is user selectable. These instruments also features a measurement stability indicator, GLP capability, and a user selectable ID code to uniquely identify the instrument.

AD332 includes PC interface and printing function. Connect the meter to an external serial printer with the following printer specifications:

  • at least 16 characters / line
  • baud rate 9600
  • 9-pin RS232 input 


Calibration Solutions and Accessories:

AD70000P Electrode rinse solution 25x20ml sachets
AD70030 12.88 mS/CM buffer solution 20ml
AD70030P 12.88 mS/CM buffer solution 25x20ml sachets
AD70031 1,413µS/cm calibration solution 20ml
AD70031P 1,413µS/cm calibration solution 25x20ml sachets
AD70300M Electrode storage solution 230ml
AD7030 12.88 mS/CM buffer solution 230m
AD7031 1413µS/CM buffer solution 230ml
AD7033 84 µS/CM buffer solution 230ml
AD7034 80,000 µS/CM buffer solution 230ml
AD7035 111,800 µS/CM buffer solution 230ml
AD7039 5000 µS/CM buffer solution 230ml
AD76309 4 ring stainless steel EC/TDS probe
AD9316 Application software for bench meters & waterproof meters
AD9345 Hard carrying case for portables
AD9551 RS232 serial communication cable 

Supplied complete with

AD76309 conductivity probe with built-in temperature sensor,calibration solution in sachets (1413 µS/cm and 12.88 mS/cm, 20 ml each), 1.5V AA alkaline battery (4 pcs), user manual and AD9551 serial communication cable


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