How to test your soil

Optimize your plant growth and solve your soil-related problems.
Your soil test can indicate problematic areas in your soil. pH level can show how available the nutrients are, EC level can show how much of nutrients are actually available.
Learn how to test your soil.

How to test soil EC >

How to test soil pH >


1. Adwa AD1000 three point pH c alibration
2. Adwa AD3000 EC/TDS standard calibration
3. Adwa AD3000 Zero calibration
4. Adwa AD3000 EC/TDS/Temp. measurement
5. Adwa AD8000 ORP measurement
6. Adwa AD630 probe preparation,offset and slope calibration
7. Adwa AD630 Slope calibration
8. Adwa AD132 ORP measurement
9. Adwa AD332 EC/TDS calibration
10. Adwa AD332 EC/TDS/Temp. measurement
11. Adwa AD111 ORP measurement
12. Adwa AD310 EC calibration
13. Adwa AD310 EC measurement
14. Adwa ECO209 pH calibration
15. Adwa AD11 two point pH calibration
16. Adwa AD12 pH calibration
17. Adwa AD14 two point pH calibration
18. Adwa AD31 EC/TDS calibration
19. Adwa AD32 EC/Temp. measurement
20. Adwa AD32 EC/TDS calibration
21. Adwa AD33 EC calibration
22. Adwa AD33 EC/Temp. measurement
23. Adwa AD35 EC tester calibration
24. Adwa AD100 pH calibration
25. Adwa AD101 pH calibration
26. Adwa AD201 TDS measurement
27. Adwa AD201 TDS calibration
28. Adwa AD202 TDS measurement
29. Adwa AD202 TDS calibration
30. Adwa AD203 EC calibration
31. Adwa AD203 EC measurement
32. Adwa AD204 EC measurement
33. Adwa AD204 EC calibration
34. Adwa AD3230B ORP electrode check
35. Adwa Standard pocket tester battery replacement
36. Adwa Waterproof pocket tester battery replacement
37. Adwa Standard pocket tester electrode storage
38. Waterproof pocket tester electrode storage
39. Adwa Waterproof testers - watertight seals

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Meters are warranted for a period of 2 years.
All probes (supplied with meters, sensors as parts of meters or probes as stand-alone products) are warranted for 6 months (unless otherwise specified).

The warranty period commences from the original date of sale.

Warranty is only valid when the product is used under normal conditions and in accordance with the instruction manual. The warranty is void if the instrument is repaired or serviced by unauthorized personnel, not used in accordance with the instructions, or if non-Adwa accessories such as buffer solutions, probes, etc. are used in conjunction with the meter.
Adwa will not be held responsible for any accident whether directly or indirectly, caused by the use of this instrument.

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Any materials returned for repair which is considered non-warranty may be serviced at cost/used material charged following subsequent notification and approval of such.

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