Test soil pH at any time

Knowing the pH level of your soil is essential to ensure an optimal plant growth. pH test results will guide you in the decision whether and how much the soil needs supplements, like fertilizers and soil pH adjusters. Test your soil pH level at any time in few simple steps.


collecting soil to test soil pH

1. Collect samples of soil from the test area. (The soil should be taken from the same depth below the surface each time you test.) It is suggested to take at least two samples per test. The more samples, the more accurate the measurement will be. Take more samples around your plant and mix them. You will get a homogenous sample.




weigh out soil to test soil pH

2. Take the homogeneous sample. Weigh out 1 unit soil (100 g is recommended).



add water to soil to test soil pH

3. Add 2 unit (200 ml) distilled water to it.





stir soil sample to test soil pH

4. Stir the sample for 30 seconds.

5. Let it sit for 15 minutes.




filter soil sample to test soil pH

6. Filter liquid into clean cup.




test soil pH

7. Stir it again, then take your measurement with Adwa pH meter.
Hold the electrode in the sample min. 1 minute before the reading.



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